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Agriculture NPK  Fertilizer Granules

The Agriculture NPK Fertilizer Granules allow plants to live and grow. These enable simple absorption of several nutrients such as iron, chlorine, calcium. These are of uniform granule size and simple in use.


Offered Sulphate fertilizers can be used for alkaline soils. These are suited for reducing the pH balance of the soil. These are well known for contributing essential nitrogen for speedy and uniform growth of plant.

Organic Fertilizer Granules

We deal in organic fertilizer granules, which can reduce the necessity of recurrent application of synthetic fertilizers. The granules must be used for improved soil fertility. In addition, these can maintain nutrient balance for a healthy growth of crop plants.

Water Soluable Fertlizer
Water Soluble Fertilizers are fully water soluble and have 100% plant macronutrients. These are free from chloride and can be quickly and easily absorbed by plants. These must be used for a fast as well as healthy vegetative & root growth.
Micro Nutants Fertilizer

The Micro Nutrients Fertilizers are known to promote the strong and steady growth of crops suited for making higher yields. Also, these can increase harvest quality. Offered fertilizers have imperative role in plant growth.

Bio Fertilizer

The Bio Fertilizers are free of chemicals and can retain the natural fertility which will be beneficial for the plants as well as the environment. Plants are better adapted. These are capable to destroy the harmful components which lead to plant disease.

Soil Conditioner

Soil conditioners are suited for improving the soil structure and water holding capacity. These are utilized to retain the natural properties of soil, making it more fertilized and removing its harshness.

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